Sunday 14:05
how's the shitcoinery
i kind of just hail mary'd on pepe, if it runs up like doge did a few years ago ill be happy
i'm kind of thinking about exiting the space entirely
what? why
youre a really good dev and artist. stick it out until the next bullrun
i know
crypto is kind of ruining my life tho
the entitlement, hypocrisy, double standards, fraud, and just overall brainlessness is reaching an all time high. idk if its peak capitulation or if this is just how it always is, but i'm at my limit
i literally build shit constantly and none of it matters
lol i mean
i cant argue with facts
why dont you at least load up a pepe bag before you go? i think these ppl need some decent pfp's tho because all the pepe derivs are dogshit
you should drop one last collection of dank fucking pepe inspired art for all the shitcoiners to rock
Monday 18:44
hey sorry was touching grass all day
yeah i guess i could do one more drop
what are you thinking?
ok so
supply: 3333
traits: ~150
scrape the top 100 ranked eth profiles off nft inspect and airdrop them 2 each
airdrop the rest to 10-15 random holders of the top 100 eth collection on nft inspect as well
5% royalties and keep 333 for ourselves.
what do you mean for ourselves 😂
i'm doing all the work
this isnt even a real conversation dumbass
this is just a landing page for a collection
oh. yea lol
but yeah that all sounds easy i can do that in like 3 days
what do you mean by "we" tho?
bro just shut up and get to work
Tuesday 15:58
yoo i just generated the art and metadata, looking good.
i just snet you file called it should have what you need
wait i thought i was doing the art
not this again
you are doing the art
btw that file is just WIP so dont deploy the contract yet. what do you want to name the collection?
Not Delivered
Wednesday 08:29
ok i deployed everything, here's the opensea link
verified contract on polygonscan
dude wtf
i told you that art was a work in progress!!!
omg the message didnt send
lol did you really call it
thats just the name of the file you walnut
Wednesday 09:32
can you send me the private key for the deployer address then?
Thursday 07:01
lol rip
rugged by own dev